Kickin Valentina release video for song “Alone” from ‘Super Atomic’ album

Kickin Valentina release video for song “Alone” from ‘Super Atomic’ album

Atlanta, Georgia, USA based Kickin Valentina have just released a video for their song “Alone” from their full-length album Super Atomic.

Kickin Valentina photoLast year, Kickin Valentina signed a deal with Danish label Mighty Music/Target Group. The Danish label combined the sleaze rockers’ first two EPs, Kickin Valentina and Super Atomic, together and remixed and remastered the songs for a full length CD that was released throughout Europe on November 6, 2015.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Kickin Valentina‘s self-titled EP, which first contained the song “Alone”: “Atlanta, Georgia, may not be the first destination one would expect to find a killer new hard rock band, yet that is exactly where Kickin Valentina came together — a group who could convincingly have called themselves ‘kickin ass’. The real gem here is vocalist Joe Edwards, who has one of those raspy deliveries tailor-made for sleazy hard rock — often comparable to Fastway‘s Fin Muir or Brad Sinsel of the War Babies and TKO. However no band is successful due to a vocalist alone, no matter how great a singer sounds he/she needs songs and capable musicians backing them up — Kickin Valentina have both in spades!… “Alone” could be considered Kickin Valentina‘s attempt at a ballad, but it has far bigger balls than your standard sappy love song, while containing the EP’s most accessible chorus.”

Kickin Valentina album coverTrack List for Super Atomic album:
01. Sermon
02. On My Side
03. Wrong Way
04. Get Ready
05. Fist N Twist
06. Super Atomic Poster Boy
07. Alone
08. When You re Gone
09. Anita
10. Dirty Girl
11. Some Kind Of Sex

Kickin Valentina‘s “Alone” video:

Kickin Valentina – Alone (Official Video)

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