Kik Tracee Frontman Teams Up With Bang Tango Guitarist For Acoustic Gig

Kik Tracee frontman teams up with Bang Tango guitarist for acoustic gig

Kik Tracee frontman Stephen Shareaux and Bang Tango rhythm guitarist Drew Fortier (pictured below) will join forces on September 4, 2015 for a special acoustic show at the Redmond’s Pub in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The website Bravewords reported that Fortier stated that “We’re going to be doing Kik Tracee songs (which haven’t been played live in over 20 years) as well of some of Stephen‘s solo material, and also some original material from a secret project he and I have been working on with some extremely familiar names,” and “It’s going to be a free show starting at 8pm, with Michael McVadey opening the evening.”

Speaking exclusively with Sleaze Roxx, Fortier advised “I have known Stephen for a few months now and hit it off famously. We are both very excited about the gig and the project. As for the project, people should definitely expect to hear something before the end of the year. I am ridiculously excited about who is involved with it. I am confident that people are going to absolutely love it. Definitely expect more information about the forthcoming record very soon.”

Back in November 2013, Shareaux released a solo record entitled Golden.