Kik Tracee Vocalist Returning After Long Hiatus With Solo Album

Kik Tracee Vocalist Returning After Long Hiatus With Solo Album

April 13, 2013

Former Kik Tracee vocalist Stephen Shareaux is set to return with his first ever solo album later this year. The singer has started a fundraising campaign at in order to raise funds for the completion of the album. The vocalist has also posted a video snippet of the track “Stay” from his solo album recording sessions, viewable below.

Shareaux states, “Much time has passed since my last musical endeavor, or official release for that matter, but that time has finally come! I am about to embark on the journey of recording my first solo record right here in beautiful Ojai, CA. I have over the years continued to be very active both musically and creatively and have amassed a body of work that I feel is ready to be heard by you, my adoring public.”

“For those of you who don’t know who I am, I was the lead singer in the rock band Kik Tracee on RCA back in the early 90’s,” Shareaux continues. “I have obviously grown, not only as a person but as an artist, since then and what you’ll be hearing on this debut is a direct result of the experiences, trials, tribulations, good, bad, the ugly and beautiful of the last decade or so. For the ever loyal Kik Tracee fans who are still out there, and I know you are because of your endless weekly Facebook messages and friendings, this record will in some way be a field trip down memory lane of sorts or an experience entirely new I’m sure. Either way I think all will be pleasantly surprised, as well as myself!”

Stephen Shareaux is best known for his work with Kik Tracee. The Los Angeles band released their Dana Strum (Slaughter) produced debut ‘No Rules’ in 1991 and followed it up with the Chris Goss (Masters Of Reality) produced EP ‘Field Trip’ in 1992. A second full-length studio album was being worked on when grunge hit the music scene and lead to the demise of bands such as Kik Tracee.

“Recording has already begun on this project as I was able to come up with the down payment to get started, which therein leaves the balance,” concludes Shareaux. “I’m going it alone on this one, no major label or budget to work with, which is why I’m turning to this incredible resource of indiegogo for some of the financing of this project. The objective here is to raise funds to help in the production, recording, mixing, and mastering of this record! So whether you are a new fan or one of the many loyal old, a family member or friend, any support or contribution to this indiegogo campaign for my art and sanity’s sake would be forever greatly appreciated.”

Updates on the progress of Shareaux’s upcoming solo album can be found on his newly created Facebook page

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