Kill City Dragons Plans To Open Their Vaults Of Unreleased Music

Kill City Dragons Plans To Open Their Vaults Of Unreleased Music

December 7, 2014

In 1989 the Kill City Dragons were one of the hottest bands from the London, UK, scene — and almost made it big! Now the band is back, at least on a virtual way, thanks to the internet and a new website at

What for? Well, 25 years ago the Kill City Dragons were ready to take over the world and for those that would like to celebrate the glorious old days unreleased material from the group will see the light of the day in the coming months.

Founded by New York guitarist Steve von Saint (Angels In Vain, Stiv Bators And His Evil Boys) and the rhythm section of The Lords Of The New Church — Dave Tregunna (bass) and Danny Fury (drums) — the line-up was soon completed with the arrival of Billy G. Bang! on vocals, a veteran from the New York punk scene.

Already tagged as ‘the next big thing’ before their first gig at the mythical Loose Lips Club, rock fans flew from all over the world to see them perform on stage. Even Nasty Suicide (Hanoi Rocks, The Cherry Bombz) was there to join the band for the encore.

Lots of coverage from the music press, something like 100 shows in a year (with many headlining gigs at The Marquee), one EP, a major record deal on Sight, and the future looked bright until the departure of Tregunna and Bang!, to later form Shooting Gallery with Hanoi Rocks’ Andy McCoy, in late 1990.

After releasing an album (an extended version of the EP plus three live tracks), von Saint and Fury decided to find suitable replacements. While Mark Anthony (The Bombshells) soon joined them as bass player, it was to be more tricky to find a new singer. Finally, after a year of searching across the UK and USA, Johnny Stevenson (Dawn After Dark) came on board.

In early 1992 the band were back on stages getting rave reviews. A few new tracks were recorded with one of them to appear on an ‘only British bands’ compilation and another record deal was on the verge… but once again, the singer and bass player split. Soon after that Fury went to the USA to join the band Vain.

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