Kill City Kills release video for new single “Die Another Day”

Kill City Kills release video for new single “Die Another Day”

Russian rockers Kill City Kills consisting of lead vocalist Ellis Sylvain, guitarists Nikki T-Shock and Roma Loshakov, and drummer Andrew Sharapko have unveiled a video for their new single “Die Another Day” from their album Badlands I, which was released back on September 25, 2020.

Track List For Badlands I:
01. Prelude For The End
02. (Can You Hear) The Midnight Call
03. Unholy Roller
04. No Gods Upon Us
05. Generation Babylon
06. Bad Blood
07. Bless of A Broken Heart
08. Die Another Day
09. Our Destination Is Cursed
10. A Cry for Vengeance

In an interview with Breathing The Core, three of the Kill City Kills band members were asked if they have ever suffered from stagefright. Sylvain revealed 9wth slight edits): “When I was a child, 11 years old, I had a show for like 500-700 people in small town in Finland. I had to play an acoustic guitar and sing a song. That time I’ve found out that stage fright can be beaten if you imagine the crowd absolutely nude. I guess my stage fright was too confused and never bothered me again.” T-Shock indicated: “I can’t say that I suffer from stage fright. It tickles my nerves and I enjoy it. I think it may be the reason why everybody wants to hit the stage. If it wasn’t scary, it wasn’t cool.” Sharapko added: “You have to. It is necessary to understand your goals. If you’re up to show off – you[‘ll] always be scared. If you’re up to bring some crazy show an[d] incredible emotions to the crowd, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Just go and do all your best, man.

Kill City Kills‘ “Die Another Day” video:

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