Killer Bee Working On New Studio Album

Killer Bee Working On New Studio Album

February 28, 2012

Its been 15 years since Killer Bee’s last hurrah, but now they are back. The nineties saw them as one of the few bands left standing, delivering the hard rocking melodies that are a trademark of this Swedish based ensemble, and now the Swedish/Canadian combo have begun mixing their upcoming fifth album ‘Hell And Back Again’ and are hoping to release it later this Spring.

The release of their four full length CDs (one under the name Desert Rain), numerous singles and videos, had only paved the way for the 2012 version of Killer Bee. The fall of 2011 saw Killer Bee release a collection of their popular rockers from the ’90s on the CD ‘Almost There’ and for all intent and purposes in the ’90s they were just that… Almost there.

Now on the verge of a complete new CD, Brian “Bee” Frank (vocals), Anders “LA” Ronnblom (bass) and Morgan Evans (drums) are proud to be joined by veteran rockers Denny DeMarchi (keyboards/rhythm guitar, from The Cranberries and Alias) and Jimmy DeLisi (lead guitar, from Brian Johnson/Solo and Julliet).

This new international five piece line-up is solid and determined. The release of their fifth CD to be called ‘Hell And Back Again’ is expected this spring. Killer Bee are here again, ready to deliver their melodic hard rocking music. The new sounds, new songs, and matured writing styles of Ronnblom/Frank promise this CD to be a welcomed continuation of the journey that started oh so long ago and which will undoubtably continue oh so long to go.

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