Killer Dwarfs have new material underway

Killer Dwarfs have new material underway

All Music & All Bands: National & Worldwide recently interviewed the Killer Dwarfs‘ long-time drummer Darrell “Dwarf” Millar and asked him whether the band is writing new material. Millar replied: “New material is already underway.”

In terms of the group’s upcoming new live album, Millar didn’t want to reveal many details as he stated: “I wont spill the beans on the tracks on the new live record, but its all the hits for sure and there is tracks off every record represented. It should be released in 2017.”

Perhaps a hint of what tracks will be on the live album lies with Millar‘s favorite Killer Dwarfs songs to play live and to add to the setlist as the drummer advised: “”Dirty Weapons”, “Union Of Pride”, “Tell Me Please”, “Cant Lose”, “Burn It Down”. Hell all of them. We are all loving the current set we perform.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Millar at All Music & All Bands: National & Worldwide‘s Facebook site.

The Killer Dwarfs‘ last studio album was Start @ One, which was released back in September 2013. Sleaze Roxx noted the following in its review of Start @ One: “It should be noted that the Killer Dwarfs had at first advertised that Start @ One would also contain two new tracks — but those never made their way onto the CD. The band did recently post a Facebook message on Sleaze Roxx stating that “schedules and time restraints did not allow the new tracks to make it on to the CD”. While some people will surely be disappointed that there are no new recordings included, I for one prefer to only have the tracks from the original sessions on Start @ One rather than have the band add two songs recorded twenty years later and essentially from a totally different era. As the Killer Dwarfs pointed out, this just means that the band already has two songs ready for an upcoming studio CD.”