Killit Burst Onto The Scene With Debut Single/Video

Killit Burst Onto The Scene With Debut Single/Video

February 6, 2015

Killit have arrived and are making their triumphant debut with “Shut It Down”, the London rockers’ first single and video.

Featuring King Lizard guitarist Niro Knox, Ace Mafia bassist Geos Letona, Wasted Sinners drummer Pete Jean, and vocalist Itai Freed, Killit came together quickly and by accident in December of last year and are already hard at work on their full-length debut album.

“I already had talks with bass player Geos Letona, as he is a good friend, and drummer Pete Jean, and they were interested,” Knox told Sleaze Roxx regarding how Killit came together. “The most important ingredient was the singer. Then Itai Freed, who is actually the brother of a person I used to play with in 1994 in Israel, found me on Facebook and said he was coming to London for five days and wondered if he could crash at my place. I was already sketching songs in my home studio, and when he came to visit I played him the stuff and he just started singing along to it, making up words and melodies… That’s it! I called the other guys and said, ‘we have 24 hours till his flight back and we gotta meet in a studio’. I called my old pal Rocko from Roxville, who runs Storm Studios in London, and he got us an urgent lucky slot. We met a few hours before Itai’s flight and to my surprise, wrote two songs from start to finish. The guys loved Itai and after the practice he said, ‘dude, I’m not getting on that plane…” He is still in my living room — two months now!!”

When asked how he would describe Killit’s sound, Knox said, “Many friends that heard some songs say it reminds them of the ‘Slash’s Snakepit’ albums, which is fine by me! Good old classy rock ‘n’ roll with modern sound and enough grit and conviction that can put us up there with the biggest rock and metal bands.” Sleaze Roxx has had the privilege of hearing a few of Killit’s new recordings, with the consensus being that their George Lynch/Dokken reminiscent riffing gives the band an ’80s rock feel while Freed has a distinctive voice not unlike a Richie Kotzen or Glenn Hughes.

As for the future of King Lizard, who released their sophomore album ‘A Nightmare Livin’ The Dream’ in late 2012, Knox says, “In the past two years my heart wasn’t there anymore and I was having ‘fantasies’ of making a new band. In a way it felt like there was a detachment in the band, and in fact Lee [Benz, bassist] was the first to let us know how he felt. Soon after that private conversation with the rest of the gang it was clear that everyone was feeling like they wanted to go and do something else. To me it felt good and refreshing. We decided just to leave it as is, and not really announce it, but I didn’t really mind as I was starting to think about getting a new band together.”

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