KilliT releases debut album ‘Shut It Down’

KilliT releases debut album ‘Shut It Down’

London, England based KilliT have released their debut album Shut It Down.

Many Sleaze Roxx readers will recognize the name of lead guitarist Niro Knox since he used to be part of the group King Lizard, which released two albums, Viva La Decadence (2010) and A Nightmare Livin’ The Dream (2012), both of which charted on Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of the Year with a #4 finish in 2010 and #8 in 2012.

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Back in November 2015, Knox commented to Sleaze Roxx about KilliT‘s debut album: “The album will come out in February 2016. [I am] not sure of the exact date yet but its pretty much ready… It’s a full length 12 songs album full of masterpieces if you ask me! The people involved in the production of this album have a really good feeling about it too. The producer, Phil Kinman of MTR Studios, has done an incredibly amazing job capturing our sound. It’s amazing how this album sounds!”

In May 2016, KilliT released a video for their new song “Crash And Burn.”

Killit album coverTrack List for Shut It Down:
01. Shut It Down
02. Say My Name
03. Calm Before the Storm
04. See the End
05. Take the Power
06. Our Last Goodbye
07. I Ain’t Playing Your Game
08. Calling You for the Very Last Time
09. Dragging Me Down
10. Draw the Line
11. Don’t Look Back
12. Crash and Burn

KilliT‘s “Crash And Burn” video:

KilliT – Crash And Burn

Single from the full Album ‘Shut It Down’ coming out 6.5.16, Vfx and Directed by Jk MathesonV…