KilliT’s upcoming second album to be released in 2019

KilliT’s upcoming second album to be released in 2019

UK hard rockers KilliT will be releasing their sophomore studio album in 2019. The group has released a video for the song “Waiting For The Day” back in September 2018.

KilliT rhythm guitarist Claire Genoud was interviewed by Crow’s Nest back in October 2016 and spoke about when we can expect KilliT‘s sophomore album and follow up to Shut It DownGenoud advised: “We are currently still in the process of writing and recording, so no official date for now! But hopefully 2019. We have a music video for our new single “Love is the Chemical” coming out in the next few weeks though!”

In terms of some interesting road tales to share, Genoud indicated: “A few, but most of them I can’t tell you! 😉 Personally, the wildest thing I’ve done was also probably the most painful one. We were opening the main stage at Giants Of Rock in Minehad last January and we were reaching the last song of the set. As I’m starting the song, I thought it would be a really good idea to play the intro in the pit, to be closer to the audience. Unfortunately, it was really dark and I underestimated the height of the stage and also where it physically ended. So I jumped off stage, tripped on the edge and smashed myself and the guitar against the metal barrier. My PRS broke in half instantly but fortunately protected me from the impact. Really scary at the time but we’re just laughing about it today! And last on this UK tour, Niro’s Les Paul also ended up broken. Someone tripped on the strap and the guitar fell off the stand. We basically break a lot of things!”

KilliT‘s “Waiting For The Day” video:

KilliT – Waiting For The Day

Written & Produced by KilliT Mixed & Master by Phil Kinman Music Video by Sitcom Soldiers KilliT are: Gaz Twist Claire Genoud Ben Smart Pete Jean Niro Knox Instagram : @killitband