King Kobra Albums Getting Re-Released


June 12, 2008

New Renaissance Records has acquired a worldwide license for the last two albums from the 1980s rock act King Kobra.

According to Tony Collata, label founder Ann Boleyn struck a deal King Kobra’s founder, legendary drummer Carmine Appice over the past weekend. Collatta stated that Boleyn is in the process of acquiring rights to many of the acts which New Renaissance helped develop in the 1980s. New Renaissance plans to release special limited enhanced editions of the band’s two albums in addition to making the products available for commercial download latter this summer.

The King Kobra deal includes the King Kobra III and Hollywood Trash albums as well as never-before seen video footage.

King Kobra was founded by drummer Carmine Appice whose credits include Vanilla Fudge; Pink Floyd; The Rod Stewart Band; Cactus; Ozzy Osbourne; Ted Nugent; Beck, Bogart and Appice; Blue Murder; and others. In addition to headlining theaters, King Kobra served as the support act with Iron Maiden and Kiss. The band also contributed to the soundtrack of the movie, Iron Eagle.

When questioned about the interest in King Kobra, Ann Boleyn responded, “Original pressings of King Kobra CDs sell for well over a hundred dollars on eBay. Combine that with the presence of bootlegs and continued air-play on rock radio and it is clear to see that there is a demand. People still appreciate classic hard rock. What we plan to do is to package a special edition CD which will not only be high quality, but will provide a good value for the dollar and be collectable.”

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