King Kobra Guitarist Covers Lady Gaga With New Band Steelshine

King Kobra Guitarist Covers Lady Gaga With New Band Steelshine

February 18, 2012

King Kobra guitarist Dave Henzerling has teamed up with his Big Cock bandmate, drummer John Covington, and former Adler’s Appetite vocalist Seann ‘Tarsha’ Nicols in a new project called Steelshine. The trio are working on a debut album that will be released track by track throughout the year. The band’s first single, a cover of the Lady Gaga hit “Paparazzi”, is now available for purchase through iTunes.

Henzerling, who handles guitars, keyboards and bass in Steelshine, told Sleaze Roxx, “The songs are basically a cross between Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Def Leppard with maybe a little REO Speedwagon thrown in for good measure (Tarsha has a bit of Axl Rose in him as well). Its ’70s-ish, but with modern production, and every song is a little different — there isn’t the same guitar and drum sound on every song and its not all overdriven buzz-saw metal. There are a few acoustic songs, one with piano and mandolin (folksy-sounding) and one with a cool guest vocalist. It may take a few listens to get used to, but it’ll be worth the effort.”

Steelshine can currently be found at and

Henzerling has played in Keel, Lizzy Borden, Big Cock and Tunnel, but is best known for his work with King Kobra under the name David Michael-Philips. King Kobra recently reunited and released their self-titled comeback album on May 10, 2011 through Frontiers Records with new vocalist Paul Shortino of Rough Cutt fame.

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