King Kobra Guitarist Releases Second Steelshine Song

King Kobra Guitarist Releases Second Steelshine Song

March 13, 2012

King Kobra Guitarist Releases Second Steelshine SongSteelshine — the new project featuring King Kobra and Big Cock guitarist Dave Henzerling, Greg Leon Invasion and Big Cock drummer John Covington, and former Adler’s Appetite vocalist Seann ‘Tarsha’ Nicols — have released their second single entitled “Laughing With The Sinners”. The new song follows the band’s previous single, a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”, and both releases are now available for purchase and preview through iTunes.

Henzerling, who handles guitars, keyboards and bass in Steelshine tells, “I’ve had this project (Steelshine) brewing in my head for some time. This new song is part of a ten song collection that I’ll be releasing one-per-month, aggregating all into a complete album towards the end of the year. There’s a lot of diverse stuff coming up, but I believe there’s a cohesive thread weaving through all the songs. It’s been a great privilege working with my good friend John Covington on drums again and with stellar vocalist Seann “Tarsha” Nicols.”

“”Laughing With The Sinners” borrows heavily from my days listening to Led Zeppelin LPs, mixing some psychedlic Jimi Hendrix in for good measure (“Third Stone From The Sun”…?)”, continues the guitarist. “Seann really kicks ass on this one. The lyrics are a by-product of my repressed Catholic upbringing, but with hopefully enough tongue-in-cheek entendre to not make things too intense. Hope you like it and thanks for listening.”

Steelshine can currently be found at and

Henzerling has played in Keel, Lizzy Borden, Big Cock and Tunnel, but is best known for his work with King Kobra under the name David Michael-Philips. King Kobra recently reunited and released their self-titled comeback album on May 10, 2011 through Frontiers Records with new vocalist Paul Shortino of Rough Cutt fame.

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