King Kobra release remastered ‘Sweden Rock Live – Deluxe Edition’ in digital format w/ bonus tracks

King Kobra release remastered ‘Sweden Rock Live – Deluxe Edition’ in digital format w/ bonus tracks

King Kobra have released a remastered “Deluxe Edition” of their 2016 live album Sweden Rock Live in digital format with some bonus tracks.

Chipster PR & Consulting, Inc.‘s press release indicates in part (with slight edits):

King Kobra was founded by drummer Carmine Appice. The band consisted of four relatively unknown musicians: vocalist Mark Free, guitarist David Michael-Philips, guitarist Mick Sweda, and bassist Johnny Rod. After two albums on Capitol Records — Ready To Strike (1985), Thrill of A Lifetime (1986) — and the independent release King Kobra III in 1988, they disbanded until returning in 2010 with Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt) taking over vocal duties.

Recorded in 2016 at the Sweden Rock Festival, this album features original members Appice, Johnny Rod, David Michael Phillips (David Henzerling) and vocalist Paul Shortino. Filling in for Mick Sweda was Jordan Ziff (Ratt) on lead guitar. This new “deluxe edition” digital release has been fully re-mastered and now captures the band’s entire electrifying set including the new bonus tracks “Monsters and Heroes”, “Iron Eagle (Never Say Die)” and “Runnin’ Wild.”

Watch the compilation video of “Hunger” here: 

Download your copy here:

Carmine Appice had this to say about the new re-mastered and expanded release, “Playing Sweden Rock Festival with King Kobra was a great experience. The band was excellent that night. Jordan, our new member, was extraordinary that night. Audience reaction was magic. Paul Shortino killed it. It’s great to hear the show in its entirety, it was a great night of KK rock!!”

Also coming up from this new partnership will be the “deluxe edition” of the 2010 self-titled King Kobra release due out digitally on August 13th.  This will include two bonus tracks, the original studio version of “Monster And Heroes” and the Japanese only bonus track “Red Flags”.”

Sweden Rock Live – Deluxe Edition Track List: 
01. Ready To Strike (Live)
02. Tear Down The Walls (Live)
03. Knock ’em Dead (Live)
04. Shadow Rider (Live)
05. Live Forever (Live)
06. Ballad of Johnny Rod (Live)
07. Wild Child (Live)
08. Hunger (Live)
09. Highway Star (Live)
10. Heaven and Hell (Live)
11. Monsters and Heroes (Live) Bonus
12. Iron Eagle (Never Say Die) (Live) Bonus
13. Drum Solo (Live)
14. Raise Your Hands (Live)
15. Turn Up The Good Time (Live)
16. Runnin Wild (Live) Bonus

King Kobra – Deluxe Edition Track List: 
01. Rock This House
02. Turn Up the Good (Times)
03. Live Forever
04. Tear Down The Walls
05. This Is How We Roll
06. Midnight Woman
07. We Got A Fever
08. Top of The World
09. You Make It Easy
10. Cryin’ Turns To Rain
11. Screamin’ For More
12. Fade Away
Bonus Tracks:
13. Red Flags 
14. Monsters And Heroes