King Lizard Releasing First Live Album

King Lizard Releasing First Live Album

September 8, 2013

September 11th will see the release of King Lizard’s first live album entitled ‘Live Bites’. Recorded at The Water Rats Theatre in London on July 26th, 2013, ‘Live Bites’ is a loud and raw offering that collects seven tracks from the band’s ‘Viva La Decadence’ and ‘A Nightmare Livin’ The Dream’ albums.

“We’ve been been planning to do a live album, and then this show was recorded really well and even though it was a short set it was a great night — fast, furious and raw, a real take no prisoners show,” King Lizard vocalist Flash Roxx Sawyer told Sleaze Roxx. “So yeah, we decided to share it with everyone and to give everyone something to chew on until the third album is done.”

King Lizard are currently performing live on ‘The Nightmare Tour 2013’ with The Scams and The Fuzz Drivers. A complete list of tour dates, and upcoming information on purchasing the digital only album ‘Live Bites’, can be found at

King Lizard’s latest album ‘A Nightmare Livin’ The Dream’ reached the Sleaze Roxx Top 10 of 2012, and a follow-up is already in the works.

“We’ve written a bunch of songs,” said Sawyer, “one song of mine is a bit of a piano epic so hopefully that’ll happen. We got more input this time from all the members — Lee (Benz, bassist) has got a really personal song, Niro (Knox, guitarist) too, and Moyano (El Buffalo, drummer) is writing riffs now as well. So I’m really excited with what we’re coming up with. We hope to be in the studio early in the new year.”

‘Live Bites’ track listing:
1. Rain On You
2. I Can’t Be Your Lover
3. Hair Of The Dog
4. A Nightmare Livin’ The Dream
5. I Want You To Want Me
6. Hell Yeah
7. Viva La Decadence

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