Kingdom Come release compilation record ‘Classic Album Collection’

Kingdom Come release compilation record ‘Classic Album Collection’

Kingdom Come released a compilation record back in late May 2019 titled Classic Album Collection, which essentially offers the group’s first three albums, Kingdom Come (1988), In Your Face (1989) and Hands of Time (1991), along with some bonus tracks.

Track List for Classic Album Collection:
01. Living Out of Touch
02. Pushin’ Hard
03. What Love Can Be
04. 17
05. The Shuffle
06. Get It On
07. Now Forever After
08. Hideaway
09. Loving You
10. Shout It Out
11. Get It On (single edit)
12. What Love Can Be (single edit)
13. Helping Hand
14. What Love Can Be (radio one edit)

01. Do You Like It
02. Who Do You Love
03. The Wind
04. Gotta Got (Can’t Wage A War)
05. Highway 6
06. Perfect O
07. Just Like A Wild Rose
08. Overrated
09. Mean Dirty Joe
10. Stargazer
11. Slow Down
12. The Perfect ‘O’ (live)
13. The Wind (live)
14. A Word From Lenny

01. I’ve Been Trying
02. Should I
03. You’ll Never Know
04. Both of Us
05. Stay
06. Blood On The Land
07. Shot Down
08. You’re Not The Only… I Know
09. Do I Belong
10. Can’t Deny
11. Hands of Time
12. Don’t Need To Justify

Kingdom Come‘s “Get It On” video:

Kingdom Come – Get It On (1988) (Music Video) WIDESCREEN 720p

Taken from “Kingdom Come”, the debut album by Los Angeles hard rock band Kingdom Come. The album reached #12 on the U.S. Billboard 200 Album Charts.The group…