Kingdom Come Reunite With Original US Line-up

Kingdom Come Reunite With Original US Line-up

January 30, 2014

In the late ’80s, after having been signed to Polygram Records, Lenny Wolf and his manager were asked to put a new band together. The players Wolf chose for his new band were James Kottak on drums, Danny Stag on lead guitar, Rick Steier on rhythm guitar and Johnny B. Frank on bass.

Now that exact same original US line-up, which produced the band’s two most popular albums, 1988’s self-titled debut and 1989’s ‘In Your Face’, have reunited and singed with Metal Music Bookings to tour together in 2014 and 2015 with confirmed dates to follow.

Currently the reunited Kingdom Come only plan on touring together, however a reunion album isn’t out of the question.

“Nobody will do anything before we all have been playing together in one room,” says Lenny Wolf about a possible new album. “We still need to find out if we can still play the stuff standing up straight without any oxygen bottles and walking aids (after a quarter century, lots can change). Once we’re ready to rumble we will certainly let you know.”

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