Kingdom Come’s ‘Magnified’ Available For Pre-Order, Samples Online


February 2, 2009

You can now hear five smokin’ hot song samples from Kingdom Come’s upcoming release “Magnified”.

All you have to do is go to their Myspace profile and choose the “Magnified Samples” playlist on the music player. Once you have listened to them over and over, and fall in love with them, you can Pre-Order your very own copy of “Magnified” to be released on 2-27-09 at!!

Kingdom Come Magnified Available For Pre-Order, Samples Online

About the rumor of Lenny Wolf singing in a duet, it is true. There is a duet version of the song “24 Hours”, but the spontanious decision came a little late, and therefore did not make it in time to get on the album. But it will be available on most digital music download platforms like iTunes or Musicload at the time of release.

The duet partner is an unknown, sweet voice by the name of Jessica, who was hiding in a restaurant, trying to make a living.

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