Kings of Dust unleash lyric video for track “Ya, That’s Me”

Kings of Dust unleash lyric video for track “Ya, That’s Me”

Kings of Dust consisting of bassist Greg Chaisson (Badlands, Red Dragon Cartel), lead vocalist Michael Beck (Red Dragon Cartel), drummer Jimi Taft and guitarist Ryan McKay have unleashed a lyric video for their song “Ya, That’s Me” from their debut self-titled album via Shock Records / Vanity Music Group, which was just released on March 13, 2020. Kings of Dust can be reached via their Facebook page.

Chaisson was recently interviewed by Randy Paterson for Boomerocity and was asked how the Kings of Dust members came up with their band name to which he replied: “As far as the name, the original name was a joke name, which was called The Prehistoric Steamroller, which we were just kinda goofing around with it. And then we were going to be called Deep Black Led because everyone said we kind of sounded a little bit like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath or Zeppelin. And then we realized a name like that was kind of confining. And, so, I came up with the name Kings of Dust and it really means kings of nothing but kings of everything at the same time. There’s no real mystical meaning behind it or anything like that. I just like the way it sounded. And, lo and behold, no one else had used it. And, so, that’s how we became Kings of Dust.”

Kings of Dust‘s “Ya, That’s Me” lyric video:

Kings Of Dust – “Ya, That’s Me” Lyric Video

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