Kip Winger On A Journey “From The Moon To The Sun”


March 19, 2008

Frontiers Records is proud to announce the European release of the brand new KIP WINGER album entitled From The Moon To The Sun, on May 9th.

Eight years after the release of the acclaimed Songs From The Ocean Floor, a record which was labelled as “Masterpiece” by several music critics around the work and a successful reunion of the band WINGER, Kip Winger returns with a true career defining statement and, once again, another CD which witnesses the creative evolution of the American composer.

“I am an artist that will continue to push the envelope into the direction that my ear and abilities are taking me, with no compromise”, says Kip, adding “I worked hard to make this record my best yet. For sure it is musically very diverse… Hence the title, From The Moon To The Sun.”

The music offered on the record is truly a flow that has no boundaries, from the fresh rock approach of songs like ‘Every Story Told’, ‘Nothing’ or ‘Reason To Believe’, to the Pop sensibilities of ‘Where Will You Go’ and ‘California’, to the acoustic mood of ‘Pages And Pages’ and ‘In Your Eyes Another Life’, down to the unbelievable instrumental piece ‘Ghosts’, From the Moon to the Sun brings the listener to a journey in a kaleidoscope of different moods.

The album sees also musical contributions from Rod Morgenstein and Ken Mary on drums, Andy Timmons and Rob Eberhard Young on guitar, Alan Pasqua on piano, Cenk Eroglu on songwriting, keyboards and guitars.

Tracklisting of the European edition of From The Moon To The Sun will include (click track for sample):
Every Story Told
Where Will You Go
‘Pages And Pages’
‘In Your Eyes Another Life’
‘What We Are’
‘One Big Game’
‘Reason To Believe’
‘Monster’ (exclusive bonus track for Europe, a newly recorded version of the song originally included on Thisconversationseemslikeadream).

Don’t miss the meeting with this true modern art masterpiece on May 9th 2008.


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