Kip Winger would like to remix the first two Winger albums and make them more like ‘Pull’

Kip Winger would like to remix the first two Winger albums and make them more like ‘Pull’

Winger frontman Kip Winger was recently interviewed by and spoke about the third Winger record Pull and remixing the first two Winger albums.

kip-winger-photoKip Winger stated as follows about Pull: …That was a great album. In many ways that was the birth of the band because the first two records were the outcome of the relationship I had with Beau Hill; the producer. That was a 10-year relationship. There were things that happened on the first couple of records that were absolutely fantastic. But there were also some things in there that didn’t quite represent who we were as a band. When the third album came and I was able to work with a couple of different people, I was able to refocus the sound of the band back to what I originally hoped for in the beginning. Add to that the fact that we were better as songwriters, better as lyricists…it was kinda like the perfect storm for us. Also, we had some really bad press at the time and the pressure was really on so we had a lot to prove. So all those things kinda found a way into the album and made it what it is.”

With respect to the first two albums, Kip Winger stated: “If I remixed the first two albums…more guitar-heavy and in the same way as we did the third album, they’d be a lot more similar.” When asked if he had something in mind in that regard, Kip Winger replied: “I’d love to remix the first two albums. But I don’t have much time…I will do it when I am dead and gone so…(laughs).”

Kip Winger also commented on the impact that Mike Shipley had on the Pull album: “The relationship between us and Beau Hill compared to the one that we had with Mike Shipley was totally different. My role in making those records was very much the same. I had been working with Beau Hill since I was 16 years old so I knew all the stuff that was needed to prepare that first album. 90% it was finished by the time we went into the studio on the first and on the second album. ..and the third album. Cause I make these very detailed demos that you can actually here on the “Demo Anthology”. The first two albums were the end of a relationship and the third album was the beginning of another relationship. Mike Shipley’s role was huge…primarily in the way we recorded the album because he was…God rest his soul…he was very detailed in how we recorded and his ear was very attuned to down to the millisecond. If you were going too fast or too slow he could immediately point it down…very small time changes. When we went into the studio I couldn’t hear it! He used to tell me: “listen to that! Can’t you hear that?”. And all of a sudden, it was like….boom! So he was very instrumental in taking my ability of hearing to another level. And his mixing was…there’s never been a better mixer/engineer than Mike Shipley! I worked with him on two albums: “Pull” and my first solo album (“This Conversation Seems Like A Dream”). In my mind he was Vincent Van Gogh of mixing! There was nobody better.”

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