KISS bassist Gene Simmons points out to crowd that he does not lose his voice like Paul Stanley

KISS bassist Gene Simmons points out to crowd that he does not lose his voice like Paul Stanley

It’s been well documented that KISS frontman Paul Stanley has been losing his voice during the last few years.

Stanley‘s long-time KISS bandmate and partner Gene Simmons recently did a short tour of Australia with his solo band. In an audio of one of the concerts released via Eddie Trunk (see below), Simmons is heard stating: “I’ll sing everything because my voice always works! I don’t lose my voice. I don’t lose my voice… Paul Stanley.”

Sleaze Roxx stated as follows in its review of KISS‘ first show at their Last Vegas, Nevada, USA residency back in November 2014: “There has been a lot of talk over the last few years that Paul Stanley‘s voice is not as good as it once was, but I thought that he sang really well on the opening night of KISS‘ Las Vegas residency. The only noticeable change was that he sang the verses of “I Was Made For Loving You” in a much lower register than what is heard on ‘Dynasty’. However, Stanley did hit all the high notes right before Tommy Thayer‘s guitar solo during that song. My wife, who really was not familiar with the KISS frontman, noted after the show what a great voice he had and was not surprised when I informed her that Stanley had previously done a six-month stint as the Phantom Of The Opera in Toronto.”

In “An Open Letter to Paul Stanley” article back in July 2017, The Great Southern Brainfart‘s principal Don de Leaumont commented about Stanley‘s vocal issues as he stated:

“It really breaks my heart to have to write this letter but as a KISS fan for over 30 years, I am begging you, please pack it in and call it a day. I’m going to be blunt here and say that very few things sound worse than your voice does over these last few years. Over the years you have given us KISS fans 40+ years of timeless Klassics, unforgettable performances, and stage banter that should be collected and printed as its own bible. I think it’s now time for you to cash in your chips and enjoy retirement.

I get it though. You are physically in tip top shape. You look great and you still can kill it on stage. You are hands down one of the greatest front men of all time but as of right now, you are residing in the same club as David Lee Roth, David Coverdale, and Ozzy Osbourne of vocalists who are pushing it past their prime. I can only imagine how hard it is to swallow knowing that your voice is shot to hell. For an artist who has prided himself over the years as someone who gives his fans 110%, why are you going out there and only capable of delivering to the fans 35, maybe 40% at max? Is it because the fans are still buying tickets? Is it because the KISS ARMY fooligans pump your ego so much that you feel that it’s ok to go out there and not be able to give it your all?”

KISS performing “Love Gun” at Rockfest in Barcelona, Spain in 2018:

KISS “Love Gun” Rockfest Barcelona 2018. Paul’s Worst Live Performance Ever?

As a big Kiss fan, i travelled 14.000 kms from Chile to Barcelona to see this amazing festival. 3 days suffering the heat of the summer and stay at the firs…