Kiss Blames Fans For Industry Downturn


June 16, 2008

Speaking to Xfm at this weekend’s Download Festival, panto rockers Kiss have blamed fans for the alleged death of the music industry. They’ve also got an interesting take on about not releasing or performing any new material.

Seemingly oblivious to the irony of headlining a festival called ‘Download’, Kiss bassist Gene Simmons holds some unequivical views on the nature of downloading: frankly, he’s against it, it’s all your fault and it’s preventing Kiss from recording and releasing new material.

Simmons raged: “In all seriousness – and it’s unfortunate – but the record industry is dead; it’s six feet under the ground and unfortunately, the fans have done this. They’ve decided to download and file share and there’s no record industry around. We’re gonna wait till everyone settles down and becomes civilized and as soon as the record industry pops its head then we’ll record new material.”

Singer-guitarist Paul Stanley had a slightly different take as to why Kiss aren’t releasing new material: no one wants to hear it. He explained: “The truth is, we have no plans to record. The reason we don’t record is because any classic band that hits the road, the last thing you really wanna hear is their new song.

“Everyone says go out and do a new album but if you put on a live DVD of any classic band, turn off the sound and I’ll tell you when they’re playing a new song: it’s when everyone is sitting down.”

So there you have it: stop being naughty and Kiss might just record new material. Just don’t expect them to play it live.

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