Kiss Cancel Belgrade Concert


April 8, 2008

The band Kiss cancelled the concert in Belgrade, which was supposed to take place at Tasmajdan stadium on May 15th.

The agency “Lupa”, organizer of the concert, explained that the agent of the band “Kiss” informed them about the concert cancellation, explaining that it was due to political situation, which reminded them of their previous stay in Belgrade, especially because of the forthcoming elections in Serbia. “The members of the band regret to inform you that the concert has to be cancelled, but the situation in Serbia does not leave them much choice. However, they hope they will perform in Serbia on some other occasion,” it has been stated in organizers’ report. They also added that management of the popular American hard rock band did not explain the reasons, nor what exactly happened during their stay in Belgrade.

Ticket refund will start for those who bought their tickets at “Card Service” and “Eventim” on Monday, April 7th, and for those who bought the tickets at “Bilet Servis” on April 14th.

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