Kiss Crashes Download Festival, Rocks The House


June 15, 2008

Rock veterans Kiss stole the show on the first night of the U.K.’s Download Festival, storming the stage in full costume and their trademark make-up.

The stars hit the stage in Donnington, England on Friday night, after being introduced as “The hottest band in the world”.

The four members were lowered to the stage on platforms to kick off their pyrotechnic-filled show with the song Deuce.

Singer/guitarist Paul Stanley paid an early tribute to the crowd, telling festival goers: “Man, it seems like tradition every 10 years we come to Donnington. We couldn’t have made it this far without you – we salute you Kiss army!”

They then launched into Strutter before playing their classic album Alive track by track, complete with synchronized dancing and plenty of fireworks, as frontman Gene Simmons pulled his trademark face, sticking his tongue out at every opportunity.

Stanley ensured the audience was fully involved and called on them to join in and sing along with the band.

When they weren’t quite loud enough for his liking, he teased them by playing the opening riff of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven – prompting the crowd to squeal with delight.

But Stanley wasn’t prepared to go all the way, and joked, “Nah. Not tonight – but it’d be great if 50,000 people could sing with us.”

Their energetic performance also saw Stanley smash his guitar on stage in the finale, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

But the band weren’t quite finished and returned for an encore, which saw Stanley lifted above the crowds on a wire and fly above fans, before concluding their set with Detroit Rock City.

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