KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer reveals three songs that he would take on desert island

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer reveals three songs that he would take on desert island

KISS‘ now long-time guitarist Tommy Thayer was recently interviewed by A Timely Perspective and asked what three songs that he would take on a desert island with him. Thayer replied (with slight edits):

Photo by Christopher Carroll Rock Photography

“Definitely I would have a Beatles song. I am a Beatles freak; I think they are the best band of all time. Maybe, even though it’s a little dark, I think ‘Eleanor Rigby’ is one of the most amazing song ever written; it would that one.

Then I would go with something from the Eagles because I love them, so ‘Tequila Sunrise’ fits the bill. And, in the spirit of rock and roll, I admire Alice Cooper, he’s always been a rebel and so I would bring “School’s Out.”

Thayer also commented on what it was like living in a household with a war here such as his father: “My father didn’t really talk about the war when we were growing up. It was a traumatic experience and I think in a lot of ways he and the others like him who served were very disciplined, but when they got out, they didn’t want to relive it. But then, 15 years ago when he went back to Austria to be honored for his heroism in liberating the 15,000 people in the death camp, a man who had been in the camp as a 14-year-old boy thanked my father for saving his life. I think it was vindication, and validation that everything he went through, those horrific things he saw during liberating that camp, was all for a reason. He and his platoon save 15,000 people. He finally started talking to us about those experiences and we have learned so much from him.”

You can read the rest of the interview at A Timely Perspective.