KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer states that ‘Kissology IV’ is 85% ready

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KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer states that ‘Kissology IV’ is 85% ready

KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer was recently interviewed by Michael Cavacini a few days prior to the KISS Kruise VI that took place between November 4 and 9, 2016. 

Thayer was asked why Kissology IV had yet to be released when it was slated for release back in November 2011, to which he replied: “I don’t know if it was officially slated to be released then. I know we were talking about it and maybe that was the intention. It’s still on hold. It’s about 85% done. I put it together and produced what we’ve done so far. KISSology 4, like the other KISSologies, will chronicle a certain era of the band. It will chronicle the band from early 2001/2002 up until the current date. It will also include vintage footage from the KISS archives that people haven’t seen, so there’ll be a cool bonus element to it too.

Getting back to your question, I don’t know if I have a good reason why it hasn’t come out yet. There have just been so many other things going on, and something as important as that has to have its own window of time where it’s focused on and committed to, in terms of talking about it, putting it out and doing it the right way, so the right attention is given to it. Sometimes that kind of stuff happens.

A project like this is a little bit timeless so you have more flexibility where it doesn’t have to come out at a certain time, so I guess that’s why it hasn’t yet. So, we’re waiting to find the right time to put it out so it gets the attention that it deserves.”

With respect to KISS recording a new studio album, Thayer stated: “I think right now it’s still in the idea phase. I don’t believe anything definitive has been determined or decided on yet for that. Within the band, we’ve talked and thrown some ideas around. So, I think there’s a good likelihood of that happening, especially since Paul announced it from the stage the other night. We’ll see, but it would be nice to do another record.”

In regards to whether he would continue in KISS if Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were to retire, Thayer commented: “(laughs) You’ve got some good questions here. To make a proclamation about whether or not I’d continue to be in the band after Gene and Paul retire, to me, personally, doesn’t make sense. That’s why I’m not gonna’ say, “Here’s what I’m gonna’ do in five years or so.” How can you possibly say what you’re going to be doing because we just don’t know? I’m not in a position to make an announcement or a proclamation about being in KISS for so many years or not, or anything like that. You just have to take things day by day, and we’ll see where it all goes. I’ve been around KISS and the organization for a long time, and I hope to continue that. Regarding what happens with Gene and Paul and the band in the future, I think we’ll just have to wait and see. I don’t think anybody knows for sure what’s going to happen.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Thayer at Michael Cavacini‘s website.

KISS playing “Keep Me Comin'” at the KISS Kruise VI in November 2016:

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