Kiss Handwritten Set List From 1973 Up For Auction

Kiss Handwritten Set List From 1973 Up For Auction

March 3, 2010

Kiss Handwritten Set List From 1973 Up For AuctionAn original Kiss handwritten set list from their New Year’s Eve ’73 concert is being auctioned at this location.

The auction states, “You are bidding on an original, 1973 handwritten set list for KISS’s first major concert EVER!!! This one-of-a-kind piece of KISSTORY comes from KISS’s very first sound man, who was one of the original KISS roadies in 1973. It was sold to KISS Alive Forever author Curt Gooch in 2001. This is not a photo copy, this is the real set list from December 31, 1973.

This set list is for the final KISS concert of 1973 (their first year as a band!) and predates the release of the first KISS album by six weeks! On New Year’s Eve 1973, KISS were added onto the bill of a Blue Oyster Cult/Iggy Pop/Teenage Lust concert at the last minute. This is the concert where Gene burned himself onstage doing the fire trick and accidentally threw flashpaper into a fan’s face.

If you look up the 12/31/73 KISS performance (on page 27) of KISS Alive Forever you’ll notice the line about “a planned encore of ‘Baby, Let Me Go’ was scrapped.” Well, this set list is how the authors knew about that song being included in the show. “Baby, Let Me Go” (which is better known as “Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll”) would later appear on the second KISS album, Hotter Than Hell. The set list is hard to photograph but will display beautifully on your wall or in your KISS collection. The reverse side of the set list contains the mic or soundboard levels for each member, their gear, and effects (siren, etc).”

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