KISS ‘(Music From) The Elder’ Unauthorized Movie In The Works

KISS ‘(Music From) The Elder’ Unauthorized Movie In The Works

February 2, 2012

In 1981 the rock band KISS released a concept album entitled ‘(Music From) The Elder’. The album was intended to be the soundtrack to a movie — a movie which, due to the relative commercial failure of the album, was never made. Now writer and director Seb Hunter plans to film a post-apocalyptic road movie that stays pretty much the same as Gene Simmons’ original template.

Complicating matters is the fact that Hunter doesn’t have approval from KISS by stating, “I emailed KISS’ management, explaining what I was trying to do, but have heard nothing back (yet). I then sent an email to Gene via a mutual third party, but haven’t heard back from that either. But hey, KISS are busy people! They’ll find out about this soon enough, I’m sure. And I only hope that once they’ve finished laughing/crying, they’ll feel able to support the project, no matter how unofficially. But I’d love them to get involved, if they want to. The more authorisation we recieve, the more resources we’ll get access to and the better film we’ll be in a position to be able to make. Come on Gene, you know it makes sense!”

The movie won’t be exclusively geared twoards the KISS Army as Hunter explains, “This movie is for a general audience. That’s absolutely crucial. This is no ‘for fans only’ project. KISS fans will simply experience more significant depths of appreciation! I want to make a hit movie, it’s as simple as that. It just so happens that I’ve decided to make my movie the movie of KISS’ Elder record from 1981. There’s no reason why these things can’t go hand in hand. In fact I’m confident each side will enhance the other.”

Hunter doesn’t plan on using the original album as the movies soundtrack, and without KISS’ cooperation it would be impossible. “I feel that shoehorning a 30 year-old record into a cutting-edge, contemporary, high-concept, low-budget road movie would be clunky in the extreme,” the director continues. “Instead I plan to use snippets of the music; motifs; melodic bits and pieces, throughout. So that Kiss fans will recognise the melodies that drift in and out, but other people probably won’t. It has to be subtle. And atmospheric. And simply sound right for the feel of the film.”

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