Kiss Of The Gypsy Vocalist Returns With ‘Far Away From Home’

Kiss Of The Gypsy Vocalist Returns With ‘Far Away From Home’

January 16, 2011

2011 marks 20 years since the release of Kiss Of The Gypsy’s debut album on Atlantic Records USA. After 3 years of worldwide touring, outstanding reviews, airings on TV/Radio and creating a huge fan base, Atlantic UK folded, and subsequently so did Kiss of the Gypsy. Since then, Kiss Of The Gypsy singer Tony Mitchell has written for a variation of projects and sang for the likes of Alan Parsons Project, Rick Wakeman, Pat Cash and played guitar/backing vocals for Alice Cooper, Jon Anderson and Tony Hadley amongst many others.

Spending nine years writing, composing, producing and session playing, Mitchell thought it was time to finish off what he set out to do — the first of which, was to write and record a concept album. Developed from a book of dark poems that he had written “Through Eyes of Madness”, Mitchell had the foundation for the dark and disturbing 2010 album “Black Rhapsody”, which depicts love, lust, abuse and revenge. Mitchell wanted the style to be a classic rock/metal Tarantino movie piece and went under the band name of Kingdom of Deadmen. Knowing that “Black Rhapsody” wasn’t too radio friendly and not your three and a half minute song format, it was purely for the story that this was created.

Secondly, Mitchell had always thought of Kiss Of The Gypsy as unfinished business, not entirely happy with the way the debut album was created, recorded and prioritised. He wanted to write and record a new and better Kiss Of The Gypsy album 20 years on to keep a little of the style, raw energy and anthemic qualities. Mitchell decided to release it under his name when, in July 2010, he contacted all the original members of the band to see if they were interested but all declined as they had moved into other fields of work. Mitchell started work on new Kiss Of The Gypsy material regardless and tried to recapture the old style of recording but with today’s technical standards.

Now finished, Mitchell is proud to present ‘Far Away From Home’ album, which he feels is his finest work to date, going back to his classic rock roots and taking you on a wild ride of emotions, turning every corner at break neck speed. No Politics, no hidden agenda, no save the world…just ROCK N ROLL!…

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‘Far Away From Home’ track listing:
01: Sinner Man
02: Insatiable
03: I Like It Like That
04: Far Away From Home
05: Freakz Like Uz
06: Walking On Deadly Ground
07: Ride To Paradise
08: One Blood
09: Goin’ Down The Cathouse
10: Live Life
11: Maybe I’ll Get It Right This Time
12: Dead Man Walking

Tony Mitchell: Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano, Hammond & Strings
Chris Hunt: Lead Guitar on “Sinner Man” and “One Blood”

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