Kiss’ Paul Stanley Painted Divorce Pain Away From Pamela Bowen


June 15, 2009

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley turned to art as a way of expressing his pain during his divorce.

The singer was devastated when his marriage to first wife Pamela Bowen broke down in 2001, and admits he found if difficult to deal with his emotions as they took their split through the courts.

Stanley took up painting as a hobby and used his art to address his grief over the break-up. He recently opened the first exhibition of his work in Atlanta, Georgia and admits his pictures have helped him through the most difficult times in his life.

He tells Insite magazine, “About six or seven years ago I was getting divorced and I really, like many people in that position, had a lot going on and a lot that maybe needed to get released. A friend of mine, my best friend, said that I needed to paint and my having never really applied myself to painting, somehow that connected with me and I went out and bought canvasses and paints and brushes and all kinds of other supplies and just decided to throw caution to the wind.

“I was using colours and textures to put my emotions, or what was going on inside me, on canvas. It was purely a relief and, I guess, cathartic therapyfor me that once other people started seeing clearly connected with them.”

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