Kiss Recording First New CD In Ten Years


March 24, 2009

Kiss voclaist/bassist Gene Simmons has updated his website with the following announcement:

“It’s a busy time.

KISS is recording its first new album in 10 years and we’re rehearsing for the South American Stadium Tour, which starts April 1st. Then we head to start the Canadian Tour. Check out KISSONLINE.COM for all the latest news.

We are also finishing Season IV of GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS. We debut in June on A&E.

Our SIMMONS RECORDS co-venture with UNIVERSAL MUSIC is doing well and we are about to announce some of our first signings.

SIMMONS COMICS GROUP (our venture that has titles like: DOMINATRIX, ZIPPER and GENE SIMMONS HOUSE OF HORRORS) is about to make a big announcement.

SIMMONS BOOKS/Phoenix Books did well with my LADIES OF THE NIGHT book, a Best Seller on the LA Times Best Selling list.

MONEYBAG clothing line is gearing up with lots of new, cool stuff. You’ll soon see it out there.

We did a DR. PEPPER commercial, which should be on the air at the beginning of the month.

SIMMONS ABRAMSON is continuing to do well, with our new client FIND.COM.

NGTV.COM. If you don’t know what it is, you’re obviously not one of the 360,000,000 (360 million!!!) video clicks that have checked it out.”

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