Kiss Rocks 50,000 People In Australia


March 16, 2008

MELBOURNE got a rare glimpse of the kings of darkness in broad daylight as Kiss rocked the Grand Prix crowd.

About 50,000 people saw the rockers’ first outdoor show in Melbourne since playing Waverley Park in 1980.

Many race-goers missed Lewis Hamilton’s win to get the best seats for the concert, which started at 7pm.

Local singer Vanessa Amorosi warmed up the crowd.

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley said the band chose Melbourne to kick off their 35th anniversary tour because the city had greeted the band with “open arms and open legs”.

After a quiet performance on Channel 9’s Footy Show, the volume was well and truly turned up at Albert Park.

The show hasn’t changed much since 1980 – a few new members and extra kilos but the same feel-good hit-fest.

While the schtick remains the same, there’s a legion of new young fans who’ve never seen Gene Simmons spitting blood for God of Thunder or Stanley flying across the adoring crowd for Love Gun.

Total fire bans don’t apply to rock bands, with an arsenal of pyrotechnics adding to the spectacle.

Stanley threw in an acoustic version of Australian-only hit Shandi before a finale that included rock anthem I Was Made for Loving You.

Anyone with a race ticket could watch the concert, but blow-ins paid $200 for a front-section seat.

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