Kissin’ Dynamite release lyric video for “Generation Goodbye”

Kissin’ Dynamite release lyric video for “Generation Goodbye”

German rockers Kissin’ Dynamite have released a second video in the form of a lyric video for the title track of their upcoming album Generation Goodbye, which will be released tomorrow via AFM Records.

This follows the release of the video for the song “Hashtag Your Life.”

Kissin’ Dynamite will be embarking on a comprehensive tour of Europe from October 20, 2016 to December 11, 2016, the dates of which can be seen below.

Kissin Dynamite tour poster

Track List for Disc 1 of Generation Goodbye:
01. Generation Goodbye
02. Hashtag Your Life
03. If Clocks Were Running Backwards
04. Somebody To Hate
KIssin Dynamite photo 205. She Came She Saw
06. Highlight Zone
07. Masterpiece
08. Flying Colours
09. Under Friendly Fire
10. Larger Than Life
11. Utopia
12. Living In The Fastlane
13. Only The Good Die Young (Acoustic Version)
14. Ticket To Paradise (Live)
15. I Will Be King (Live)

Track List for Disc 2 of Generation Goodbye:
01. Kissin’ Dynamite Tour Documentary (ca. 20 Min.) Live Clips
02. Ticket To Paradise
03. I Will Be King
04. I Will Be King (video clip)
05. Six Feet Under (video clip)
06. Money Sex And Power (video clip)
07. DNA (video clip)
08. Fireflies (lyric video)
09. Hashtag Your Life (video clip)

Kissin’ Dynamite‘s “Generation Goodbye” lyric video:

KISSIN’ DYNAMITE – Generation Goodbye (2016) // Official Lyric Video // AFM Records

KISSIN’ DYNAMITE – Generation Goodbye (2016) // official lyric video // AFM RecordsVisit us on iTunes and Apple Music!…