Kissin’ Dynamite release new song “Ecstasy” featuring Anna Brunner

Kissin’ Dynamite release new song “Ecstasy” featuring Anna Brunner

German hard rockers Kissin’ Dynamite have released the title track for streaming from their upcoming new studio album Ecstasy, which will be released via Metal Blade Records on July 6 2018. The group previously released a video for the song “I’ve Got The Fire.”

Track List for Ecstasy:
01. I’ve Got The Fire
02. You’re Not Alone
03. Somebody’s Gotta Do It
04. Ecstasy
05. Still Around
06. Superhuman
07. Placebo
08. Breaking The Silence
09. Waging War
10. One More Time
11. Heart Of Stone
Bonus Tracks:
12. Wild Wind
13. No Time To Wonder

Brunner describes herself as follows on her Facebook page: “Anna is part of the all female band Exit Eden. For her it´s crystal clear: music has to rock – and vocals need to be emotional – just like a passionate scream.”

Kissin’ Dynamite‘s “Ecstasy” song featuring Anna Brunner:

Kissin’ Dynamite – Ecstasy (feat. Anna Brunner) (OFFICIAL)

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