Kissin’ Dynamite unleash video for “You’re Not Alone” from new album ‘Ecstasy’ released today

Kissin’ Dynamite unleash video for “You’re Not Alone” from new album ‘Ecstasy’ released today

German hard rockers Kissin’ Dynamite have released a video for their song “You’re Not Alone” from their new studio album Ecstasy, which was released today via Metal Blade Records.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Ecstasy: “Quite simply, Ecstasy is a perfect example of melodic rock with an edge at its finest. Funny enough, Ecstasy has a bit of a modern feel to it and while usually I might score a few points off an album for something like that, in this case, Ecstasy‘s modern sounds work so well that I have no complaints whatsoever in that regard. As I was listening to Ecstasy — while in shock on how good it was — I wondered why I hadn’t “noticed” or been more in tune with Kissin’ Dynamite in the past. After all, this is a band that’s been covered on Sleaze Roxx — admittedly intermittently — since 2010 and I was well aware of their last studio album Generation Goodbye but it wasn’t until Ecstasy that they really got my attention. Truth is that Kissin’ Dynamite‘s songs on Ecstasy are catchier, more dynamic and more melodic than their outputs on past albums. It just seems that everything has come together for Kissin’ Dynamite on Ecstasy.”

Sleaze Roxx recently interviewed Kissin’ Dynamite frontman Hannes Braun and asked him what were his favorite songs off Ecstasy. Braun replied: “Hard question! All of the songs are kind of our babies. But I guess I love “You’re Not Alone” and “Heart Of Stone” the most, because the emotion that’s inside those tracks is intense and very touching.”

With respect to how they came up with the cover for the new album Ecstasy, Braun advised: “The lady on the cover is a model we have chosen because we think she’s got it all that’s important to represent our new album. If I look at the cover, I feel totally comfortable and kind of silently excited. That’s what she says with that photo in my opinion. As if she would have understood Kissin’ Dynamite’s inner vibe and the ecstasy we feel. I love that cover!”

In regard to how the band name Kissin’ Dynamite came about, Braun stated: “It was Andi’s cell phone that was ringing almost 12 years ago when we had a rehearsal but still no [band] name. The ringtone was AC/DC’s “Kissin’ Dynamite” and we all knew that this would be the perfect name. It describes the hard and the soft side — the power songs and the ballads. In the end, you could say our essence.”

Kissin’ Dynamite‘s “You’re Not Alone” video:

Kissin’ Dynamite “You’re Not Alone” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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