Kix Get The “Wheels In Motion” In Latest Music Video

Kix Get The “Wheels In Motion” In Latest Music Video

January 13, 2015

After almost two decades of waiting, Kix made their triumphant recording return in August of last year with their seventh studio album ‘Rock Your Face Off’. Now the band have unleashed the CD’s latest music video in the form of “Wheels In Motion”, filmed at Baltimore’s Rams Head Live.

Released through Loud And Proud Records, Kix’ unwavering and undying support landed ‘Rock Your Face Off’ a #48 placing on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart upon its release. The position represents one of Kix’ best U.S. chart appearances, second only to their 1988 platinum breakthrough album ‘Blow My Fuse’.

Sleaze Roxx applauded the return of Kix by stating, “While several groups of the era hid their musical imperfections behind sky-high hair and layers of cosmetics, Kix were jesters for the working man — and that attitude continues to permeate throughout Rock Your Face Off. The lyrical content hasn’t changed much since the band’s glory days either, as the sexual innuendos and party atmosphere continue to be the driving force. I’d be a liar if I said Rock Your Face Off was Kix’ best work, because it isn’t and realistically never had the chance to be — but it has lived up to my lofty expectations, and that really is a testament to how good this return album is. After twenty years, Kix continue to be one of the most satisfying bands in the entire hard rock genre — and I hope to hell this is only the beginning of their resurrection.”

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