Kix guitarist Brian Forsythe reveals how he got his “Damage” nickname

Kix guitarist Brian Forsythe reveals how he got his “Damage” nickname

Kix guitarist Brian “Damage” Forsythe and bassist Mark Schenker were recently interviewed by Shockwave Magazine and Forsythe was asked how he got the nickname “Damage” to which he replied: “I actually got that name during the “Midnight Dynamite” recording… Yeah, Beau [Hill] kind of coined that. I would show up to the studio with a really bad hangover. So I would be laying on the couch in front of the mixing console. So Beau’s nickname for me then was “Brain” but, with the letters I and the A reversed. So he would call me Brain anyway. And then one day I’m lying there moaning and groaning on that couch, and he goes, we should just call you “brain damage.””

Schenker added: “So every time I still see Beau, to this day, he says, how’s Brain Damage doing? And then he laughs.”

Schenker also advised why Kix decided to do a CD/DVD combo and add the documentary for their latest CD/DVD Can’t Stop The Show: The Return Of Kix that was released via Loud & Proud Records on October 21, 2016:

“That’s actually our G.M. at the label, Madelyn’s fault. We don’t want to say fault. We like to say idea, it was her brilliant idea. So my idea was just to put out the dvd, and I had been chasing after out G.M. Madelyn for a long time, trying to get her to watch this footage. She would say OK, I’ll watch it this week. Then two weeks later, I would ask her if she watched it, and she would say, Oh, I forgot, I was watching the pigeons in Central Park. So finally she watched it and she sent me an email, and she was like, hey, I think this can really be something. I’m like, yeah no duh, that’s what I’ve been telling you. Madelyn says, let’s do something with this, it will be great. She got all pumped up, and sort of energized the whole project, and was like, but we can’t just put out a dvd. We have to put something else in there to make it more attractive. She said, let’s do a live cd. I’m like, no, I don’t want to do that. So she has a way of tabling things that make things look very, very attractive.

So by the end of many conversations we had about it, I was pumped up and thought a live cd will be kick ass. We could do most of the songs on Rock Your Face Off. Then I brought it to the band, and they were all like, oh no, not another live cd. But you know, it’s really sort of just like a bonus thing with the documentary dvd, and it’s not the primary focus. So it’s kind of neat plus for the fans to hear half of the songs off the Rock Your Face Off, on a current, live cd. So we had Brad Divens, who was in Wrathchild America, who was in Kix for the “Cool Kids” album. He’s actually the mixer on the record, so there’s a big Kix tie in there. Brad really enjoyed mixing the record and he did a fantastic job with it. It’s a great sounding live record, we’re really proud of it, and we’re glad that Brad got involved in it and made it really a worthwhile project, for sure.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Schenker and Forsythe at Shockwave Magazine