Kix “Thinking About” New Studio Album


September 19, 2008

Kix and Blues Vultures guitarist Ronnie Younkins recently conducted an interview with Sleaze Roxx. When asked if there was any interest in getting together to make a new Kix record Ronnie replied with the following:

“I’ve mentioned it to Brian (Forsythe) and he’s got an open mind to it. Steve (Whiteman) and I actually brought it up on our flight to Rocklahoma. That’s a possible beginning of it all – the fact that we’re talking about it. I’d be interested in doing that and Brian would to. I think Steve would to. It’s a matter of if we all have songs together to record. The most important thing is the music.”

Ronnie also revealed that he has begun work on a second album with his band Blues Vultures. The entire interview can be read at

Kix and Ronnie Younkins 2008

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