Klassik ’78 release ‘visualizer’ video for new single “Living Fantasy (Tonite)”

Klassik ’78 release ‘visualizer’ video for new single “Living Fantasy (Tonite)”

Klassik ’78 consisting of Tom Higgins (lead guitars, bass, lead and backing vocals), Joe McGinness (acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals) and Anthrax member Charlie Benante (drums) have released a ‘visualizer’ video from their new album Phantoms. McGinness handles the lead vocals on the track “Living Fantasy (Tonight).” You can purchase Phantoms digitally via Amazon or iTunes, and on CD via Newbury Comics.

Steady Rock Entertainment‘s press release indicates in part: “Klassik ’78 is a band that writes and records original music that captures the spirit and classic sounds of 70’s KISS (for KISS fans and 70’s hard rock fans worldwide).”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Phantoms: “Imagine if KISS frontman Paul Stanley found a beat up cassette tape with Klassik ’78‘s new Phantoms album on it and with nothing identifying which band is actually on the cassette tape. I can just imagine Stanley listening to the cassette and immediately calling his long-standing music and business partner Gene Simmons and saying: “Gene, you’ll never believe this. I found some old KISS demos that we must have forgot about. I can’t believe that we didn’t release these songs. They sound so good! My voice on those demos has so much New York swagger to it and sounds like it did when we did Alive!. You sound pretty good too [laughs]. And I forgot just how great of a guitarist that Ace [Frehley] was before drugs and alcohol really started to impact his behaviour. Those guitar solos of his are simply amazing and really represent that KISS sound so well. We’ve got to release these tracks! Perhaps once the End of The Road World Tour is finally over?”

I don’t know if Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have yet to hear Klassik ’78‘s new album Phantoms but I do know that any KISS fan who liked the band’s music from 1974 to 1978 should be getting this album right away. Klassik ’78 sound more like classic ’70s era KISS than the actual KISS could ever sound at this point. In fact, if you gave the Phantoms album to a KISS fan to listen to without letting them know who is the band in question, that KISS fan would be hard pressed not to think this are old but well recorded tracks from KISS back during their classic era of 1975 to 1978.”

Klassik ’78‘s “Living Fantasy (Tonite)” visualizer video: