Kozmik Landing release debut album ‘Distant Land’

Kozmik Landing release debut album ‘Distant Land’

Australian rockers Kozmik Landing released their debut album titled Distant Land back on November 26, 2019.

Track List for Distant Land:
01. Float Instead of Sink
02. Shade of Blue
03. Slow It Down
04. Distant Land
05. Reap What You Sow
06. Cinderella’s At The Ball
07. Woe To Me

The following message was posted on Kozmik Landing‘s Facebook page back on November 26, 2019:

“Our CD ? a big thank you goes to Darren Mullan at Adelaide Recording Studios who made it all possible, he made our dream a reality. Not only is he a fabulous sound engineer but he is a fantastic guy. We can’t thank him enough. Also thanks to Neville and Rosanna Clark for the great work in mastering and being so helpful and obliging. The album should be on Spotify very soon. We will keep you posted. ????”

Snippet of Kozmik Landing performing track “Shade of Blue”:

Shade of Blue by Kozmik Landing

Kozmik Landing is a classic rock band from South Australia, a must see band for any rock enthusiast. Follow them to hear all the new songs coming from this d…