Krokus Completes Reunion Line-Up With Mark Kohler


May 24, 2008

It’s “OFFICIAL” !!!

No more speculations on who’s gonna be the last part of the most anticipated KROKUS comeback puzzle. No other than MARK KOHLER will complete the return of the “originals” on rhythm guitar.

He played in KROKUS’s most successful International line-up that stormed the charts Worldwide in the early 80’s. You heard Mark on 1982’s “One Vice At A Time” album for the first time, then on their most successful release “Headhunter” in 1983, followed by “The Blitz” album in 1984. He also was featured on 1986’s studio album “Change Of Address” and the same year on the first KROKUS “live” album called “Alive And Screaming”. He joined Marc, Fernando and Chris on 1988’s “Heart Attack” and one more time in 1995 on their release “To Rock Or Not To Be”. With the exception of “The Blitz” tour we also saw him rocking the USA and be part of most Worldwide tours. And now we will see him in action this coming August, reunited with his famed band mates and rocking the stage again.

Get excited, there is more “good news” to follow very soon.

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