Krokus Give Back To The Children

Krokus Give Back To The Children

December 22, 2010

Krokus Give Back To The ChildrenAs part of the “Rockin’ Christmas Festival” series, Krokus played last Friday in Bern, Switzerland. Looking back at a very successful year for the band and this year’s concert finale weekend – in the spirit of the season – Krokus wanted to give back something to the less fortunate and the ones that need our support the most: The children of the world!

This year, Switzerland’s “Jeder Rappen zahlt”, or “Every Cent Counts”, is collecting money to benefit children who are the victims of war and conflict. This multimedia concept goes out live on radio, TV and online, 24 hours a day for six days.

The idea is as great as it is simple: three presenters live together in a glass box constructed in the square in front of the Swiss federal parliament building in Bern. They welcome celebrity visitors, and collect money for a good cause. Donations are generated by a whole variety of initiatives.

Chris Von Rohr: “The suffering of millions of kids on this planet (every day more than 50,000 deaths due to hunger and sickness) is ultimately a failure on our part! Children are our future and all of us have a responsibility to come up with ways to help and support more than ever the ones that are incapable of helping themselves, the weakest of this world – each one of us in their own unique way!”

Prior to the concert founder/bassist Chris Von Rohr visited the “glass box” and donated on behalf of Krokus a genuine “Hoodoo Platinum Record Award” (the same the musicians were presented last May) that was auctioned off for the good cause in support of the kids in Africa.

Chris Von Rohr: “We would like to take this opportunity and thank all of you that made this an unbelievable year for Krokus – your loyalty and your heartfelt support are much appreciated! KROKUS wish you a graceful, peaceful and happy Holiday celebration – A wham baba luba bam boom!”

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