Krokus Post New Song “Hoodoo Woman” Online

Krokus Post New Song “Hoodoo Woman” Online

January 17, 2010

Krokus Post New Song Hoodoo Woman OnlineThe wait is almost over. Only 41 more days (and nights) and the new Krokus CD “Hoodoo” will be released on Febraury 26. And trust me, the long wait was worth it. “Hoodoo” offers Krokus fans 11 tracks and the digipak version includes an additional DVD memorizing the “magic moments” of and around the 2008 reunion concert at Stade De Suisse in Bern, Switzerland.

Logging on to our HOME web page (, you will hear a glimpse of the track “Hoodoo Woman”. To hear the entire new song, log on to our web page (jukebox). When logging on, you’ll also enjoy an “oversized” version of the brilliant artwork details of the “Hoodoo” cover.

“Hoodoo Woman” will get under your skin. Guaranteed! The more often you listen to it, the more you will get captivated by the “Hoodoo Magic”. I listened to it so many times that I can’t get it out of my mind anymore. The chorus line “…mamma was a hoodoo woman, papa was a hoodoo man…” is haunting me (in a good way, of course) at various hours of the day and is engraved in my brain and soul. The same will happen to you, when the “Hoodoo Woman” will put her spell on you! If you want to sing along, go to our GLOBE CLUB lyrics page.

As we speak (or in this case “read”) the CD is being pressed and cover/booklet printed. Over a year in the making, the “Hoodoo Men” are resting exhausted in the “Hoodoo Lounge”. They gave it their all, especially “Hoodoo Chris”, who also produced the new release.

“Hoodoo” was recorded by Dennis Ward (producer of “Hellraiser”) at House of Music Studios in Winterbach, Germany with additional recordings at Pink Bild & Ton (engineered by ex-Krokus Jurg Naegeli) in Solothurn, Switzerland and Henson Studios, Los Angeles. The complete track listing is as follows:
01 Drive It In
02 Hoodoo Woman
03 Born To Be Wild
04 Rock N’ Roll Handshake
05 Ride Into The Sun
06 Too Hot
07 In My Blood
08 Dirty Street
09 Keep Me Rolling
10 Shot Of Love
11 Firestar

Photography, artwork and graphic design of the cover by Martin Hausler, who also took the awesome live pictures during the 2008 reunion concert in Bern. A few pictures of the “Hoodoo” series are on our GLOBE CLUB gallery page and you can re-visit his live shots on our GALLERY page (Stade De Suisse).

Do not resist the “hoodoo spell”, let it get under your skin and enjoy the magic ride!

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