Krokus Ready To Begin Writing ‘Hoodoo’ Follow-up

Krokus Ready To Begin Writing ‘Hoodoo’ Follow-up

January 3, 2011

Thirty years after the original Krokus line-up conquered the world with their straight forward/no-nonsense rock’n’krok, the band’s long anticipated new CD ‘Hoodoo’ was released last year and sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide!

Vocalist Marc Storace says, “It exceeded our boldest expectations, we never expected such a huge success!”

With all the commercial success of Krokus since the reunion, most importantly there is finally total harmony amongst the band members. Gone are the heated arguments and heavy disputes that troubled Krokus in the past and resulted in constant line-up changes. Krokus founder and bassist Chris Von Rohr sums it up best: “We finally learned to accept the flaws and individual characteristics of each other and live with it”.

And what will the (immediate) future bring? The only Swiss rock band ever to have sold 13 million albums worldwide since 1976 is planning a follow-up to 2010’s ‘Hoodoo’ release. Chris Von Rohr confirms: “Beginning of the year we start writing new songs”. Those of us that know Chris’ talent as a producer and the rest of the band as song-writers/composers as well, also know that with the success of “Hoodoo” the bar is set even higher for Krokus to deliver a worthy follow-up album. And it is an exciting challenge they are looking forward to take on!

Once the first step of writing songs is completed, recording will start most likely in the second half of 2011 with a release date in 2012 the latest. By then the rockers from Solothurn, Switzerland will be on average 60 years old. Asked by the largest boulevard paper of Switzerland: “No slowing down?”, Chris Von Rohr answers quickly: “No way”. Reflecting a moment, he laughs and adds: “We are the prime example that rock music keeps you young — besides AC/DC and the Rolling Stones of course”.

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