Krokus Return With Most Successful Line-Up


April 20, 2008

Long anticipated and now officially confirmed: KROKUS is back in its original formation. Marc Storace, Fernando Von Arb, Chris Von Rohr and Freddy Steady are rocking together again. The band’s greatest success Internationally happened in the early 80’s with this line-up. Up to today KROKUS is still the biggest rock export Switzerland ever had.

August 2nd, the “originals” are playing the only concert planned for 2008 in their native Switzerland. Fasten your seatbelts, because on that date KROKUS will rock the “Stade De Suisse” stadium in Bern.

Afterwards the band will work on their comeback album, slated to be released in middle of 2009. The anticipation will be as big as the one for their first concert. Be part of history in the making and join us on August 2nd!

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