Krokus Salute American Fans


June 30, 2009

This coming weekend America will celebrate “4th Of July Independence Day” and Krokus salute all of our fans in the USA.

August 1st is “Swiss Independence Day” (most of you know the story of “Wilhelm Tell”). Swiss TV is broadcasting “live” from the “Tell Open-Air Stage” in Interlaken as part of the 1st of August Independence Day celebration. The program will be televised all over Switzerland with simulcast translations in French and Italian (for those of you that don’t know this little trivia: Switzerland is about a sixth of Colorado with 4 different major languages). The title of the TV Show is called “Tell And Other Heroes”. Excerpts of Schiller’s stage play “Wilhelm Tell” will be shown as part of the program and guests include people that in some way or another have contributed to the theme of this TV broadcast as “heroes” in their field of expertise. Not just performers and dancers, but also Swiss sports celebrities, popular politicians (yes, that exists in Switzerland indeed) and famous people that helped shape the cultural and economical landscape of our country.

A musical performance by KROKUS as one of the “heroes” will be the highlight of the program. According to the producers of the show, KROKUS led the way in becoming the most successful Swiss rock act internationally in the early 80’s and rock ambassadors to put Switzerland on the rock’n’roll map of the world. With their recent reunion, the original line-up continues steadfast where they left off over 2 decades ago. TV moderators Sven Epiney and Marco Rima will interview the band on the topic of the show (“heroism”). If you are able to receive Swiss TV reception, tune in on August 1st at 8:05 PM local time and watch our “heroes”, the kings of rock!

And if you missed last year’s reunion concert in Bern and live in or around Switzerland, you get a second, rare chance to see the band “live”. This will be the only concert for KROKUS this year. Besides Bjorn Again, Manfred Mann’s Earthband and E.A.V., they will headline the “Magic Night Open-Air Festival” in Zofingen on August 5th, 2009. If you suffer from acute “KROKUS Withdrawal Symptoms” because you miss seeing KROKUS in concert and need some instant relief, this is the place to get your KROKUS fix for this year. Get your tickets at

Let’s rock hard together. As we say in the States: “You snooze, you loose”. And you only live once. So live it up and rock the block!

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