Krokus Totally Committed To New Album


May 26, 2009

After 25 years hiatus of the “originals”, KROKUS is totally committed to write and produce an album that seamlessly fits into the groove of their work of the early eighties (Metal Rendez-Vous. Hardware, One Vice, Headhunter). They feel they owe this to their faithful fan base. And good things do take time!

In order to get a break from song writing and recording with a well-deserved change of scenery, KROKUS will play one exclusive summer festival in 2009 on August 5th in Zofingen, Switzerland (see “countdown” on HOME page and info on TOUR page).

Says Chris Von Rohr: “It’s always good to stop working in the studio for a moment and lose some sweat on stage. We most likely will play one or two new songs “live” and compare how they stand up against the best we already have from our back catalogue. The fans reaction at the concert will tell us. We call that the “Platinum-Stage-Test-Son-Of-A-Gun”.

And Marc Storace adds: “We shall perform on the eve of a full moon summer sky, when the spirit is naturally high. Open-air festivals are very special because they vibrate warm human feelings combined with a mystical touch. The promoters did well to call it the Magic Night.”

We “bridged” the long pause of the “originals” from the rocking ’80s to last year’s reunion performance with GLOBE CLUB interviews of all members of the band. Chris Von Rohr asked us for the time being to also feature those video interviews on our HOME web page, as a reminder for fans to take in one or the other at their leisure between now and August. The interviews fill the gap and explain his view as the original founder of KROKUS with the events that took place then and now as well as Marc Storace’s thoughts on why he believed the reunion was the best for band and fans. Many fans waited patiently to hear from Fernando Von Arb, who kept on going steadily until recently. And the interviews with Mark “Koki” Kohler and Freddy Steady round out “the story told by the originals”. These interviews, in Chris’ mind, are a strong base to catch up for old fans and getting new fans “up to speed”.

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