Krokus Unveil New Video For The Song “Too Hot”

Krokus Unveil New Video For The Song “Too Hot”

June 7, 2010

Krokus Unveil New Video For The Song Too HotThe newest KROKUS video is here! To view the new video for the song “Too Hot” visit

The largest Boulevard paper in Switzerland, “Blick”, asked their readers to vote on 5 girls that would become possible extras in KROKUS’ newest video for the track “Too Hot”, taken from the recent “Hoodoo” release.

From the newspapers five finalists the band had the hard task to choose the final three. Production and directing of the new video clip was done by Kaya Inan and Matthias Gunter. Even cult director Quentin Tarantino could not have told the crude story better in this short clip. Shooting of the video was challenging due to extreme temperatures, lots of dust and time restraints. All involved in the shoot were extremely patient and did not lose a beat of enthusiasm and intensity in between takes.

The band delivered a powerful, uncomplicated and raw performance! Roaring motors, hot girls and hard rock – that’s what KROKUS is all about. The video has sex appeal, is sweaty hot and all rock’n’roll!

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