Kung Fu Overdrive drop video for title track of debut EP ‘Fists of Fury’

Kung Fu Overdrive drop video for title track of debut EP ‘Fists of Fury’

Kung Fu Overdrive featuring former American Bombshell guitarist Steve Boyles, vocalist / guitarist Wayne Griffith, vocalist / bassist Ritchie Wilkison and drummer Gary Grubs have unveiled a video for the title track of their debut EP Fists of Fury.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Fists of Fury:

Kung Fu Overdrive‘s songs are pretty straightforward, catchy, upbeat and fun. Each song feels like you are hearing a short story from “That Girl” where the lyrics end up stating ‘That girl is evil’ to “Kung Fu Overdrive” which I take to be the band’s tribute to rock n’ roll will never die. In some ways, Kung Fu Overdrive‘s songs remind me of The Pursuit of Happiness‘ fantastic single “I’m An Adult Now” (I only know that one song from that group) where I feel that the lyrics are fun and really have a story telling feel to them. All of the songs on the Fists of Fury EP feel positive and even when Boyles is singing ‘That girl is evil.’ The highlight of the EP is undoubtedly the title track which rocks from start to finish, and which simple but witty lyrics are really fun to sing along to. The ending of the song is particularly well done with four chants of ‘Fists of fury’ before the song switches very briefly to an Asian sound that most will have heard before (but that I can’t identify for you). “Fists of Fury” should be the band’s live set closer for many years to come.

Overall, I find that Kung Fu Overdrive have hit a home run with their new EP and the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” definitely applies to both the band’s name and EP cover. I am confident that whenever I play Kung Fu Overdrive‘s debut EP Fists of Fury, I will be rocking and singing along each and every time that I listen to it. Well done gentlemen! I can’t wait to hear the next album!”

Kung Fu Overdrive‘s “Fists of Fury” video: